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Evolving Terminology for Emerging Technologies
Last revised Nov 8, 2013

Mary Chitty
Library Director & Taxonomist
Cambridge Healthtech Institute  
250 First Avenue, Suite 300
Needham MA 02494 USA
Phone 781-972-5416
Fax 781-972-5425

I'm always interested in hearing about new words or phrases you've found, or ambiguous or unclear terms you run across.  Your questions help me focus on three critical priorities 

1. What are up and coming concepts that may be the" next big things"? 

2. What are the incremental or interdisciplinary changes that can make a big difference in day to day work in the lab, the library or at the computer "in silico" work.  

3. How are seemingly disparate subject areas becoming connected, how can they be  better integrated and can people communicate better?  

These are exciting - if turbulent and uncertain times!

When I started this project it seemed as if the web was the only way to keep up with such rapidly changing concepts.  But as I have worked on them since 1999 I have come to realize that while I keep adding content, what is here doesn't become out of date nearly as quickly as I expected, and a print version could be very useful.  I'm actively looking for a publisher and offer the Concise Biopharmaceutical Glossary as a draft manuscript. 

About Biopharmaceutical glossaries & taxonomies
My talk on information overload  SLA Annual Meeting,  June 10, 2002 Los Angeles CA

About Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)  from CHI's mission statement
Researchers and executives responsible for developments in any given segment of biomedical research face the almost overwhelming task of trying to keep up with important developments. CHI was established to facilitate the discussion and exchange of technical and commercialization information.  Heavy emphasis is placed on new products and technological advances still in the evaluation stage.  Basic research is covered, but within the context of implications of recent advances for the development of new products and technologies.

CHI focuses on being a useful, timely and effective supplement to specialized journals, newsletters, and other meetings.  Technologies in which rapid progress in applied research and a variety of significant strategies are being explored are emphasized. Priority is given to depth of coverage. Considerable attention is paid to identifying promising, but less publicized research being carried out at smaller companies and universities, both in the US and elsewhere, and to unique approaches that are at an early evaluation stage, to give people valuable new insights and competing points of view, along with balanced coverage of the latest developments.

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