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Evolving Terminologies for Emerging Technologies
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Last revised June 17, 2015
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About Biopharmaceutical glossaries & taxonomies
Algorithms & data management 
Alliances & collaborations - pharmaceutical

Assays & screening - pharmaceutical
A to Z index

Basic genetics & genomics -- What's the difference?
Best practices, lessons learned & ongoing challenges

Bibliography - pharmaceutical
Bioinformatics information resources poster
Biologics: antibodies, cell therapies, protein therapeutics & vaccines

Biology pharmaceutical

Biology term index

Biology molecular & cellular overview
Biomaterials & medical devices

Bioprocessing & manufacturing

Business of pharmaceuticals 

Cancer diagnostics, prognostics & therapeutics
Cardiovascular: therapeutic areas
Cell & tissue technologies

Cell biology
Chemistry medicinal & pharmaceutical
Chemistry term index
Chromatography & electrophoresis

Clinical Informatics 

Clinical trials

Central Nervous System CNS & neurology: therapeutic areas
Combinatorial libraries and synthesis

Concise biopharmaceutical glossary
Contact Biopharmaceutical Glossaries & Taxonomies

Databases & software
Drug approvals & clinical trials  See Clinical trials   Regulatory Affairs
Drug delivery & formulation

Drug discovery & development
Drug discovery & development  informatics
Drug discovery & development overview
Drug discovery & development term index
Drug safety, pharmacovigilance, post marketing surveillance

Drug targets & disease targets

Ethics - pharmaceutical
Expression - genetic, genomic, protein & proteomic

Finance and pharmaceuticals
Functional genomics

Gene categories
Gene definitions
Genetic & genomic testing
Genetic variations & SNPs
Genomic Informatics
Genomic & proteomic manipulation & disruption

Genomic Technologies

Genomics categories


Healthcare Terms Index
How terms were chosen and defined

How to look for other unfamiliar terms

Immunology & autoimmune : therapeutic areas
Infectious diseases : therapeutic areas
Inflammation : therapeutic areas
Information management & interpretation
Informatics overview

Informatics term index
Intellectual property & legal
IT Infrastructure  for life sciences hardware & software

Journals for biopharmaceuticals links

Labels, signaling & detection
Libraries, combinatorial & synthesis

Maps, genetic & genomic
Mass spectrometry
Medical Devices
Medical informatics 
Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Metabolic profiling, metabolic engineering
Microarray & protein chip categories
Microarrays & protein chips

Model & other organisms
Molecular diagnostics
Molecular imaging
Molecular Medicine

Nanoscience & miniaturization

Newest biopharmaceutical definitions 
Nomenclature, genes, proteins & species

NMR, synchrotrons & x-ray crystallography

-Omes & -omics
Ontologies & taxonomies

Patient resources
PCR & Gene amplification

Pharmaceutical biology
Predictive analytics Information Resources poster
Protein categories
Protein Informatics

Protein structures
Protein technologies


Proteomics categories

Regulatory Affairs
Research & pharmaceuticals

SNPs, CNVs & other genetic variations

Sequences, DNA & beyond

Site Map - Biopharmaceuticals
Stem cells

Targets  drug & diseases
Technologies  term index
Technologies overview

Therapeutic areas: cancer & oncology, cardiovascular, CNS & neurology, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Inflammation

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Where's my stuff? Information overload, taxonomies & beyond

Roger Brent said in his opening remarks for the 2000 After the Genome meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming "current efforts to come to grips with genomic information often resemble computer-savvy library science, where the most important issues concern categories, classification schemes and information retrieval…What we would actually like to achieve, however, is a predictive understanding of  biological function. The goal here is a true computational biology that will be able to make functional predictions from available genomic data [italics added]             book

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