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Drug discovery & development term index
Evolving Terminology for Emerging Technologies
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Last revised December 30, 2013

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Not a comprehensive list of terms, but a quick and dirty finding aid while I'm working on getting these glossaries into a (long overdue) searchable database.
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CHIís Drug Discovery and Development Map    21st century drug discovery drug development & drug safety map

Biologics  antibody... antigen, biological product, biologics, biopharmaceutical bispecific, biotechnology, cell therapeutics, DNA vaccines, gene therapy, immunogen, immunotechnology, immunotherapeutics, immunotoxins, monoclonal, peptide therapeutics, polyclonal, protein therapeutics, recombinant, vaccine

Business of  biopharmaceuticals
  attrition, benchmarking, best practices, big pharma, bioentrepreneur, biotechnology ..., blockbusters, business models, competitive ..., core competencies, deals, disintermediation, disruptive technologies, elevator pitch, FIPCO, franchises, GICS, genomics ...,  high tech industry, hypercompetitive, lead users, market ..., megabrands, multibusters, optimization, outpartnering, outsourcing, pharmaceutical ..., platform ..., price trends, productivity ..., proof of concept, proof of principle, portfolio, risk, sexy technologies, start-ups, technology ..., white space 
        Biopharmaceutical Alliances CRADA, collaboration..., consortium, deal..., expectations management, joint venture, keiretsu, licensing, pre- competitive, research joint venture, strategic ..., technology transfer
            Biopharmaceutical Finance A rounds, angel investor, burn rate, equity, opportunity costs, pharmacoeconomics, profit hunts, ROI return on investment, risk, serial entrepreneurs, valuation, venture capital, warrant
         Biopharmaceutical Law & Intellectual property  anti-trust, Bayh- Dole, Cohen- Boyer, Diamond vs. Chakrabarty, EPO, EST patents, electronic notebook, gene fragments, gene patents,  license, licensing, PTO, patent ..., research tools, royalty stacking, stealth patents, WIPO 

Drug delivery & formulation active transport, adjuvant, administration of drugs parenteral, bioavailability, bioequivalence, biologics delivery, biopharmaceutics, blood brain barrier, cosolvent, dosage form, drug eluting stent, liposome, micelle, microfiltration, microsphere, nanoencapsulation, nanoparticles, pharmaceutics, pharmacodelivery, polymorph, preformulation, protein delivery, RNAi therapeutics delivery, vaccine adjuvants 

Drug discovery & development blockbuster drugs, bottlenecks, developability, drug discovery ..., drug development, drug-like, drug- likeness, druggable, high throughput, LIMS, lifestyle drugs, molecular recognition, peptidomimetic, pharmaceutical..., pharming, pipeline problem, preclinical, protein delivery, protein therapeutics, rational drug design, reverse pharmacology, reverse vaccinology,  robot..., samples..., small molecules, vaccines 

Drug discovery informatics 3D, ab initio ... , CLogP, COMFA, CADD, CAMD, CAMM,  computational..., conformational, decoys, docking, energy function, force field, gene identification, gene parsing, HMM Hidden Markov Models, in silico ... , modeling, modelling,  molecular dynamics, molecular graphics, Monte Carlo, particle swarm, pathway modeling, prediction, receptor mapping, QSAR, quantum ... , recognition, SBML, SPC, simulated..., simulations, synthetic biology, virtual screening 

Drug discovery & development Overview  

Drug safety & pharmacovigilance adverse drug event ADE, adverse drug reaction ADR, ED 50, evidence based toxicology, idiosyncratuc toxicity, molecular toxicology, pharmacoepidemiology, phase IV post marketing surveillance, post approval drug safety, predictive ADME, predictive toxicogenomics, PSURs, side effect, susceptibility, systems toxicology, therapeutic index, tox chips, toxicogenomics, toxicoinformatics, toxicology, toxicoproteomics, toxins, xenobiotic 

Drug Targets compound ..., disease targets, drug targets, gene targeting, gene targets, GPCRs G protein coupled receptors, HDAC histone deacetylase Inhibitors,  intracellular ..., ion channels, kinases, molecular targets, nuclear hormone receptors, protein targets, target ..., target validation, tissue targeting, tractable targets

Pharmaceutical biology affinity, agonist, antagonist, antibody, antisense, binding sites, chiral, efficacy, enzymes, enzymes and coenzymes, epitope, G-protein, homologue, hormone, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, immunotoxins,  ligand, lipophilicity, metabolite, molarity, monoclonal antibodies, PAT Process Analytical Technology,  pharmacophore, promiscuous inhibitors, receptors, recognition site, recombinant ..., solubility, substrate, vaccine

Regulatory Affairs  21 CFR...,  analyte specific reagents, biogenerics, biologics, biopharmaceuticals, CBER, CDER, CDISC, CLIA, CRO,  drug, EMEA, exploratory IND, FDA, FDA draft guidelines, multiplex tests, FDAMA, fast-track, home brew, IND, IRB, me  too, NCE, NDA, NME, off label, orphan products, PDUFA, pharmacovigilance, placebo ...,  SCT, regulatory agencies
Healthcare Term Index 

Cancer CGAP, cancer ..., chemoprediction, cryochemotherapy, familial cancer, Gleevec, Herceptin, hereditary cancer, molecular events, molecular targets, molecular taxonomy, oncogene, oncogenomics, oncoproteomics, p53 ,,,, sporadic cancer, tumor markers, tumor suppressor genes, viral oncogene  

Clinical trials  adaptive clinical trials, clinical..., clinical trials, Phase I, II, III, IV, phase zero,  stratification, women and minorities  

Clinical informatics : clinical informatics, electronic data capture, electronic medical records, MEDRA, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), SNOMED, UMLS

Molecular Diagnostics including Genetic & genomic testing analytical sensitivity, analytical specificity, clinical sensitivity, clinical specificity, family history, genetic discrimination, genetic enhancement, genetic privacy, genetic test, genomic testing, germline mutation, "good genes", "bad genes", preconception testing, predictive testing, predisposition, preimplantation diagnosis, presymptomatic, risk communication, screening, somatic cells, susceptibility 
  Biomarkers biological markers, biosignatures, bridging biomarkers, disease markers, efficacy biomarkers, genetic biomarkers, protein biomarkers, serum biomarkers, surrogate ... , type 0 biomarkers, type I biomarkers, type II biomarkers

Molecular Medicine  BSE, behavior genomics,  biomedical ..., blood, CJD, camera pill, cardiogenomics, channelopathies, chronome, chronotherapy, clinical proteomics, combination therapies, cryomedicine, cryotherapy, determinism, diagnosis, diagnostics, disease... , epidemiology, epigenomics, gene therapy, genetic medicine, genetics, genomic drugs, immunoinformatics, immunotechnology, immunotherapy, medical informatics, medical proteomics, molecular  ..., neurogenomics, normal, nutriceuticals, pathogenomics, pathology informatics, personal genomics, predictive, preventive, prognosis, psychoneuroimmunology, public health, research diagnostics, TSE, therapeutics, translational medicine, uncertainty, vCJD, world health  Patient resources  

Pharmacogenomics  ADME ..., ADME/Tox, DME genes, DMPK, drug metabolism, drug response, ED50, endocrine disrupters, enzyme kinetics, genotype-to phenotype, hepatotoxicity, immunophenotyping, in silico pharmacology, individualized medicine, kinetic outliers, mechanism of action, metabonomics, microdosing, mode of action MOA, molecular toxicology, NIEHS,  personalized medicine, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoproteomics, phenotype ...,  predictive ..., reverse pharmacology, systems pharmacology, systems toxicology, target haplotype, tox- chips, toxicogenomics, toxicoproteomics, xenobiotic     

Therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular CNS & Neurology Immunology Infectious Diseases Inflammation  Alzheimer's, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatories, antivirals, autism, autoimmune, biodefense, blood brain barrier, blood substitutes, BSE, CJD, cardiac, cardiogenomics, cardiovascular, diabetes, emerging infectious, hepatitis, HIV, immunogenetics, infectious, inflammation, lipid, metabolic syndrome, neglected diseases, neurodegenerative, neurogenomics, neuropharmaceuticals, neurotherapeutics, obesity, ophthalmology, pain, Parkinson's, prion, sleeper diseases, TSE

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