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Biopharmaceutical Technologies Term Index
Evolving Terminologies for Emerging Technologies
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Last revised October 20, 2014
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This is not comprehensive list of terms, but a quick and dirty finding aid while I'm working on getting these glossaries into a (long overdue) searchable database.
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Biomaterials & bioengineering  501K,  biocompatible..., biodynotics, bioengineering, biofabrication, biomaterials, biomechanics, biomimetic, biomolecular..., biomotors,  biopolymers, biorelated polymers, biorobotics, bone substitutes, CDRH, composites, electroceuticals, materials science, MDUFA, medical devices, nastic structures, pre-market ..., self- assembly smart materials, smart polymers, 

Bioprocessing aliquot, biocatalysis,  bioreactors,  biotransformation, cGMP current Good Manufacturing Practice, emerging technologies, fluidic systems, GLP Good Laboratory Practice, GxP, molecular bioprocessing, PAT Process Analytical Technology, samples, sample prep

Cell & tissue technologies : biobanking, biorepository, biospecimen, cell sorting, cryobiology, cryoelectron tomography, dielectrophoresis, electron tomography, FACS, flow cytometry, flow sorting, functional imaging, fMRI, Laser Capture Microdissection, microimaging, microitissues, nanoimaging, organotypic, patch clamping, photobleaching, single cell ... sonocytology, tissue array, tissue engineering, tissue technologies xenographs, white biotechnology 

Chromatography & electrophoresis 2D gel,  capillary ..., HPLC, PAGE 

Genomic & Proteomic Manipulation & Disruption  these have mostly moved to Genomic and Protein technologies

Genomic Technologies allosteric ribozymes, Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes, chromatin immunoprecipitation, clone, clone bank, cloning, conditional knockout, DNA nanotechnology, DNA shuffling, Embryonic lethal, exon trapping, functional genomics technologies, gene disruption, gene interference, gene knockout, gene library, gene manipulation, gene shuffling, gene silencing, gene suppression gene titration gene trapping, genetic engineering, genetic recombination, genetic vector, genomewide knockdowns, genomic library, Genome Technology Program, genomic technologies, , insertional mutagenesis, knockdown, knockin, knockout, morpholinos, mutagenesis, nanogenomics, Post transcriptional Gene Silencing, random homozygous knockout, recombinant DNA, recombinant DNA technology, restriction endonucleases, , reverse genetics, reverse genomics, ribosome display, RNAi RNA interference, RNAI\i Consortium, RNA silencing, saturation mutagenesis second site mutations, SELEX, spielgimer

Labels, signaling, & detection -- biopharmaceuticals actuators, biosensor, electrochemistry, fluorescence, FRET,  immunohistochemistry, label,  luminescence, quantum dot, reagents, SPR,  sensitivity, sensors, specificity, transducer 

Mass spectrometry bottom-up mass spectrometry, CE-MS, ESI ElectroSpray Ionization MS,  hyphenated techniques, ion trap MS, LC/MS, MALDI Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization MS,  mass to charge ratio m/z, TOF Time- Of- Flight, top-down mass spectrometry

Metabolic profiling AfCS, biochemical ..., Biopathways Consortium, cellular ...,  directed evolution, gene network..., gene regulatory..., genetic network..., metabolic ...  metabolic engineering, metabolite..., metabolism, metabolome, molecular interaction..., networks ...,  pathways ..., physiological genomics, signal transduction, whole genome

Microarrays & protein chips array technology,  arrays, cross-hybridization, data analysis- microarrays, density of microarrays, image analysis - microarrays, ink- jetting, MGED, MIAME, matrix, microarray informatics, microspotting,  normalization, photolithography, probes - microarray, protein microarrays, Southern blotting, substrates
               Microarray & protein chip categories antibody microarrays, bead arrays, cDNA arrays, CGH arrays, chips, DNA arrays, genome chip, genomic arrays, glycochips, high density oligonucleotide arrays, hybridization arrays, lab- on- a- chip, macroarrays, oligonucleotide arrays, protein arrays, protein biochips, proteome chip, RNA biochip, small molecule microarrays, spotted arrays, tissue microarrays, universal microarrays

Molecular Imaging  2 photon, biphotonic, CCD ..., cryoelectron tomography, fiber optics, fibre optics, imaging..., laser ..., nuclear medicine, optoelectrronics, photon, photonics, Raman ..., scanning ..., spectrometry, spectroscopy, tunable lasers, wavelet
     Molecular Microscopy atomic force microscopy AFM, cryoelectronic microscopy,  fluorescence microscopy, laser ..., Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM,  Transmission Electron Microscopy TEM

NMR & X-ray crystallography  2D NMR, beamline, chemical shift, cryogenic probe, Dalton, LC-NMR,  Magic Angle Spinning MAS, NOE, NOESY, SAR by NMR, spin labels, synchrotrons,  TOCSY, TROSY 

Nanoscience & miniaturization BioMEMS, bionanotechnology, bottom-up nanotechnology, integrated microdevices, MEMS, MOEMS, microchip, microdevices, microfabrication, microfluidics, molecular electronics, NEMS, nanodevices, nanoengineering, nanofabrication, nanogenomics, nanomanufacturing, nanomedicine,  nanoparticles, nanoscale, nanostructures, nanosystems,  nanotubes, semiconductors, supramolecular electronics, top down nanotechnology

PCR amplification, FISH, hybridization, multiplex, nucleic acid ..., polymerase, primer, probe, RT-PCR, target

Protein technologies 2D gel electrophoresis, antibody display, biopanning, co-immunoprecipitation, combinatorial biology, co-precipitation, depletion, fluorescent proteins, intrabodies, ICAT, molecular motors, peptide aptamers, Peptide Mass Fingerprinting, peptide sequencing, phage display, prefractionation, protein amplification, protein capture reagents, protein detection, protein engineering, protein inhibition, protein knockouts, protein localization, protein microarrays, protein purification, protein shuffling,  proteomics technologies, recombinant proteins, self assembling biomolecular materials, subcellular localization, translation 

Sequencing  alignment, BLAST, contig ..., draft genome sequence, dynamic programming, finished sequence, gap, genotype, genotyping, haplotype, haplotyping, medical resequencing, published working drafts - Human Genome, resequencing, SNP discovery, SNP scoring, scaffolds, sequence homology, sequencers ..., shotgun sequencing, whole genome shotgun sequencing 

Stem cells: cell differentiation, cell research, cell therapies, cellular reprogramming, cellular therapy, differentiation, embryonic stem cells, hematopoiesis, mesenchymal, multipotent, induced pluripotent stem cell, pluripotent,  progenitor cells, stem cells, stemness, totipotent, unipotent

Technologies overview biodefense, biofuels, circular dielectric spectroscopy, sexy technologies

Ultrasensitivity -- biopharmaceutical attomole, femtomole, picomole, single cell ..., single molecule ..., ultrasensitive, yoctomole, zeptomole

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