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Pharmaceutical Genomic & Proteomic Manipulation & Disruption glossary & taxonomy
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aptamers: Technologies overview
biochemical genomics: Chemistry & biology


chemical mutagenesis:  Systematic mutagenesis using chemical with mutagenic properties.

display technologies: Technologies overview
epigenetic, epigenetics:  Genetic variations & SNPs   epigenome, epigenomics: -Omes & -omics

forward genetics: The traditional approach to genetics, which starts with a phenotype and then identifies genetic mutations or variations that control or cause that trait. CHA, Cambridge Healthtech Advisors Model Animal Systems: Emerging Applications and Commercial Opportunities in Drug Discovery and Development, report, 2004 Related term: positional cloning. Compare reverse genetics

forward genomics: Large- scale insertional mutagenesis offers several significant features as a genomics platform. DNA insertions allow rapid functional analysis of phenotypes and the associated genes in a forward genomics research program. In addition, the indexed collection of insertion mutants creates basis for a robust program in reverse genomics by which one may analyze phenotypes associated with any given gene identified only by sequence. HELENA MATHEWS "Gene Discovery in Plants by Activation Tagging" In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol - Animal 37:3 Part II, March 2001

Refers to complex interactions between DNA (transcriptional gene silencing) and RNA (post- transcriptional gene silencing) based on the homology between these sequences, their place into the genome, the possible modifications of their chemical structure, etc. These interactions may stop the expression of a gene or lead to the degradation of its transcription products (RNA), thus "silencing" the gene as no proteins are produced anymore. Barbara Bordogna, Sustainability and Public or Private Management Glossary, Univ. Geneva, 2003   Narrower terms: Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing PTGS, RNA silencing; Related term: epigenetics

library: Combinatorial libraries & synthesis  How does this relate to combinatorial library and related terms in Drug discovery & development (or more general meanings of  "library").  Narrower terms: gene library, genomic library;  Microarrays arrayed library; Sequencing DNA library 

molecular farming:  Related/equivalent? term: pharming  

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