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Last revised March 23, 2012

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Am I required to register for the Genomic Glossaries to use the site?

You may choose not to register, and you will still be able to view any and all pages of the Glossaries. You will have to scroll past the registration form, which will appear at the top of each page for any user who has not registered.

Why does CHI request registration for the Glossaries?

The Genomic Glossaries are made available to users at no charge. To justify the expense of maintaining this resource, it is important for CHI to obtain better data on who is using the site. Data on the number of people who register from different pages also helps us to prioritize where additional information may be needed, and where usage may not justify additional effort.

Why is e-mail a required field?

A personís e-mail is standard and unique, and is considered the most reliable way to make sure that duplicate records are not created for the same person. We also make use of e-mail for providing information that would be of interest and value to you. Any of these messages provide you the opportunity to be removed from the distribution list. Once we receive your request for removal your file will be updates accordingly.

Why does my computer need to accept cookies?

When you register, a cookie is written to your machine so that the next time you return to the Genomics Glossaries site, you do not need to re-register. If your computer does not accept cookies, or if you are accessing the site from a different computer, you will have to reregister. We apologize for that inconvenience.

What if I do not want to be sent information?

Your satisfaction is one of our greatest concerns. CHI's database contains information that may be shared with other life sciences companies in order to provide you with useful and current information. Our database has been designed to allow us to remove those individuals who no longer wish to receive material from CHI or third parties. If you no longer wish to receive information or do not want your information shared with third parties, contact Audrey Morrissey at; phone 617-630-1348; fax 617-630-1325. Your file will be updated accordingly.

What should I do if my information changes?

If your e-mail changes, you will need to re-register. If other contact information changes, please provide us with updated information so that we can keep our records accurate and provide you with relevant information using the new contact information.

Who will have access to my contact information?

Your information will be added to the CHI database of individuals involved and/or interested in biomedical fields. We make use of this database to carefully select individuals to whom we send information about the most relevant products and services that we offer, excluding anyone who has opted-out. We do make selected names available for use by other groups who want to provide information of interest to people in this field on a one-time use basis. We have a strict policy that we do not provide lists of e-mails to any outside organization.


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