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 Informatics term index
Evolving Terminology for Emerging Technologies
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Last revised November 08, 2013

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Not a comprehensive list of terms, but a quick and dirty finding aid while I'm working on getting these glossaries into a (long overdue) searchable database. 
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Algorithms & data analysis algorithm artificial intelligence, biometrics,  bootstrapping, cellular automata, chaos theory, classification, classifier, cluster... , data ..., decision trees, dendrogram, dimensionality, docking algorithm, evolutionary computation, expert systems, fuzzy, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, genome mining, Hansch analysis, heat map, heuristic, ill- posed problems, information theory, Knowledge Discovery in Databases KDD, machine learning, neural nets, normalization, parsing, PCA Principal Components Analysis,  pattern recognition, probability, recursive partitioning, regression to the mean, robust, SIMCA, schema, schemata, self-organization, self- organizing, stochastic,, SVMs Support Vector Machines, thresholding, training set, well posed problem  Focus is on statistical and computational approaches to data organization, structured data

Bioinformatics annotated, annotation, BioPax, BISTI, BSML, bio...., computational ..., curated, databases, EBI, federated, functional bioinformatics, molecular bioinformatics, NCBI, non-redundant, pharmaceutical bioinformatics, spatio temporal dynamics, standards, structured data, wrappers Focus is on databases, analyzing sequences and trying to integrate heterogeneous biological data, unstructured data. Primarily a subset of Drug discovery informatics.

Cheminformatics/Chemoinformatics CoMFA Comparative Molecular Field Analysis,  chemical informatics, chemical information..., chemometrics, drug design,  information silos, "plug and play", rules of five, silo systems, SAR, structure based drug design, virtual...  Subset of Drug discovery informatics. See also Chemistry & biology, Pharmaceutical Biology & Chemistry  Primarily a subset of Drug discovery informatics

Clinical & Medical Informatics : clinical informatics, electronic data capture, electronic medical records, MEDRA, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), SNOMED, UMLS

Databases & software directory Brief descriptions of 300+ databases, 30+ software programs 

Drug discovery informatics 3D, ab initio ... , CLogP, COMFA, CADD, CAMD, CAMM,  computational..., conformational, decoys, docking, energy function, force field, gene identification, gene parsing, HMM Hidden Markov Models, in silico ... , modeling, modelling,  molecular dynamics, molecular graphics, Monte Carlo, particle swarm, pathway modeling, prediction, receptor mapping, QSAR, quantum ... , recognition, SBML, SPC, simulated..., simulations, synthetic biology, virtual screening 

Genomic informatics  ab initio gene, alignment, assembled, biocomputing, biological computing, BLAST, comparative genome annotation, complex genomes, computational gene recognition, computational genomics, concordance, consensus sequence, conserved sequence, contig... DDBJ, disconcordance, DNA computers, DNA computing, Ensembl, exon parsing, exon prediction, exon shuffling, extreme phenotype selection studies, false negative, false positive, filtering, finished sequence, fold change, gap, GenBank, gene finding, gene identification, gene parsing, gene prediction, gene recognition, genetic association studies, genome annotation,  genome informatics, genome visualization, genomic computing, genomic data, GRAILexp, global normalization, GWAS Genome Wide Association Studies, high throughput nucleotide sequencing [analysis] homology, local alignment, log ratios, MAGE, MAGE-ML, MAML, MGED, MIAME, microarray analysis techniques, microarrays data analysis, microarrays image analysis, microarray informatics, mismatches, molecular sequence annotation, noise characterization, normality, normalization, oligonucleotide array sequence analysis, Ontology Working Group, ORF prediction, ORF Recognition, Phred .. , reverse transfection, scaffolds, scoring methods, sequence alignment, sequence homology, sequence ontology, sequencing data analysis, sequencing data management, sequencing data storage, similarity search, Smith Waterman alignment, standards -- microarrays

Informatics overview: 3D QSAR; BioIT, computational biophysics, determinism, in silico, informatics,  information overload, "just in time" information, medical informatics, molecular informatics, nonlinear, normalization, semantics 

Information management & interpretation 3D technologies, BIRN, biomedical informatics, biomedical ontologies, blog, blogging, blogosphere, classification, collaborative filtering, collaborative metadata, computational linguistics, controlled vocabulary,  DAML, DARPA, DAML & OIL, data visualization,  granularity, ... informatics, information..., interoperability, knowledge management, markup languages,  National Center for Biomedical Ontology, ontology, ... ontologies, semantics, syntax, ...taxonomies, taxonomy, web Focus is on combinations of human and automated data and information management, retrieval and interpretation. 

IT infrastructure  CORBA, captology, computation, computational, computers, computing, FLOPs, GUI, geek, grid computing, HPC High Performance Computing, legacy systems,  Linux, markup languages, middleware, Moore's Law, OASIS, OMG, object ...,  open source, peta, petaflop, RSS, supercomputers, teraFlop, teragrid, XML  Focus is on hardware and to some extent on software.

Ontologies & Taxonomies  biomedical databases, BioPax, BioPortal, Directed Acyclic Graph DAG,  GO Gene Ontology, natural language.., . MGED, MIAME,  OIL, RDF,  ontologies, semantic web,  SOFG, taxonomies, topic maps

Protein informatics ab initio, .. annotation proteins, computational biophysics, docking... , energy function, fold alignment, fold recognition, Hidden Markov Models, homology model, in silico proteomics, interologs, molecular recognition, Monte Carlo, ontologies proteomics, post translational modification identification, protein analysis sequencing, protein array analysis, protein bioinformatics, protein computational tools, protein data, protein dynamics, protein identification, protein informatics, protein interactions, protein networks, protein sequence space, protein structure prediction, proteome map, proteome mining, proteomic analysis, proteome informatics, quantitation proteins, regulatory homology, RNA structural genomics, Rosetta stone method, sequence homology amino acid, similarity, structural bioinformatics, structural genomics, structural homology, structural proteomics, structure based design, structure based drug design, structure prediction, SWISS PROT, threading, virtual genomes, whole proteome...

Research applied research, basic research, bleeding edge, bottom up,  cutting edge, discovery driven, hypothesis driven, interdisciplinary, meta-analysis, paradigm, proof of concept, proof of principle, R&D,  reductionism, scenario, social informatics, top down 

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