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Last revised November 08, 2013
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Not a comprehensive index, but a quick and dirty stopgap while I'm working on getting these webpages into a [long overdue] database.  Biology terms index   Drug discovery & development terms index  Healthcare term index  Informatics terms index   Technologies terms index    Finding guide to terms in these glossaries   Site Map

Assays & screening   assays, biochemical assays,  biomolecular screening, cell assays, counterscreening, diversity screening, ELISA, focussed screening, high content analysis, high content screening, high throughput screening HTS, hit, hit to lead, homogeneous assay, immunoassay, lead, lead hopping ... lead optimization, live cell assays, massively parallel, phenotype screening, primary assay, progressible hit, random screening, sandwich assay,  screening, secondary assay, tertiary assay, throughput, ultra HTS   

Cheminformatics CoMFA Comparative Molecular Field Analysis,  chemical informatics, chemical information..., chemometrics, information silos, "plug and play", rules of five, silo systems, SAR, virtual...  

Chemistry: biocatalysis, biochemical genomics, biotransformation, chemical biology, chemical genetics, chemical ligand studies, chemical space, chemogenomics, computational chemistry, dynamic medicinal chemistry, early phase drug discovery chemistry, evolutionary chemical genomics, green chemistry, hard drug, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity,  materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry, metabolism- medicinal chemistry, post-genomic chemistry, process chemistry, scaffold hopping,  structural chemogenomics

Combinatorial libraries & synthesis   bead, biomimetic synthesis, chemical space, combinatorial ..., deconvolute, diversity, molecular ..., pool, resin, solid phase, solution phase 

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