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Pharmaceutical biology term index
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Last revised November 08, 2013

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Not a comprehensive list of terms, but a quick and dirty finding aid while I'm working on getting these glossaries into a (long overdue) searchable database.
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Basic genetics & genomics

Biology Pharmaceutical affinity, agonist, antagonist, antibody, antisense, binding sites, chiral, efficacy, enzymes, enzymes and coenzymes, epitope, G-protein, homologue, hormone, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, immunotoxins,  ligand, lipophilicity, metabolite, molarity, monoclonal antibodies, promiscuous inhibitors, receptors, recognition site, recombinant ..., solubility, substrate

Biomolecules  biomolecular interactions, characterization, compound, Dalton, dimer, macromolecule, -mer, mole, mol, molecular biology, molecular weight, nucleic acid, nucleotide, oligo, polymers, relative molecular mass 

Cell biology angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell ..., cellular ..., chromosome, clone ..., cryobiology, developmental biology, differentiation, FACS, flow cytometry, Laser Capture Microdissection, lymphokines, stem cells LCM, metabolism, NF-kappaB, ploidies, ploidy, programmed cell death, ribosomes, second messenger...,  Toll Like Receptors TLRs 

DNA catalytic DNA, DNA forensics, double helix, EST Expressed Sequence Tag, genomic DNA, intergenic DNA, intragenic DNA,  intron, "junk DNA", mitochondrial DNA, non-coding DNA, ORESTES, Radio Free Genome, Experimental music unearthing the music hidden in DNA sequences regulatory sequence, repetitive sequences, sticky ends  

DNA Sequences  & beyond 3' ..., 5' ...,ATCG, adenine, base, central dogma,  cytosine, downstream, enhancer, exteins, genetic code, guanine, inteins, LINES, promoter ..., protein ..., RNA ..., reading frames, reference sequences, reverse transcription, SINES, sequence, splice..., splicing, terminator..., thymine, transcription ..., translation, URF, UTR, upstream

Expression, genes & more alternative transcripts, analysis..., differential display, downregulation, expression ..., gene expression, gene regulation, guilt by association, mRNA expression, molecular..., overexpression, protein expression ..., RAGE, SAGE, TOGA, transcript... , upregulation

Gene definitions    alternative splicing, cDNA, cis, coding, CpG, exon, gene ..., localize, locus, operon, pleiotropy, synteny  
  Gene categories candidate genes, housekeeping genes, hypothetical genes, orphan genes, pseudogenes, regulator genes, silent genes, virulence genes

Genomic biology overview
Genomics- pharmaceutical
  biocomplexity, complex ..., DDBJ, DOE, EMBL, GenBank, genome ..., genomic ..., HUGO, Human Genome Project, Mendelian genetics, monogenic, NHGRI, NIGMS, penetrance, phenotype,  phenotyping, polygenic, post-genomic, RIKEN, Sanger, whole genome... 
        Genomics categories agricultural genomics, Beowulf, combinatorial, environmental, food, genome transplantation, high- throughput, industrial, intergenomics, integrative, inverse, metagenome, metagenomics,  microbial, nutrigenomics, paleogenomics, phage, plant, quantitative, synthetic, translational
Functional genomics biological process, comparative genomics, deductive genomics, function, functional ..., gene function, Gene Ontology, genome function, homolog, homology,   mutagenesis,  ortholog, orthologous, paralog, positional cloning, similarity, xenology, xenologous 

Maps genomic & genetic 2D gel maps, BAC maps, cell mapping, comparative genome mapping, contig maps, cytogenetic maps, gene map, haplotype map, HapMap,  high resolution ..., homology map, locus, mapping, physical mapping, protein interaction mapping, proteome maps, resolution, SNP maps, transcriptome maps, YAC maps 

Metabolic profiling AfCS, biochemical ..., Biopathways Consortium, cellular ...,  directed evolution, gene network..., gene regulatory..., genetic network..., metabolic ...  metabolic engineering, metabolite..., metabolism, metabolome, molecular interaction..., networks ...,  pathways ..., physiological genomics, signal transduction, whole genome

Model & other organisms animal model, Arabidopsis, C. elegans, Drosophila, E. Coli, GMO, model organisms, mouse, rat, Saccharomyces cerevisae, transgenic, virtual organism, Xenopus, yeast, zebrafish 

Nomenclature, genes, proteins & species carbohydrate, enzyme, gene, human gene, protein, species

-Omes and -omics alleome, bibliome, biome, cardiogenomics, cellome, cytome, cytomics,  epigenomics, expressome, fluxome, foldome, immunomics, inflammasome,  integromics, interactome, ligandomics, localizome, metabolome, metabonomics, methylome, microbiome, morphome, nucleome, -omes, -omics, operomics, ORFeome, peptidome, peptidomics, pharmacomethylomics, phenome, phenomics, phosphatome, physiogenomics, pseudogenome, regulome, RNomics, secretome, separomics, signalome, systeome, transcriptome, transcriptomics, transductome, transgenomics,  translatome, transportome, unknome, vaccinome, variomics 

Phylogenomics  clade, cladistics, evolutionary ..., genome prospecting, lateral genomics, molecular phylogenetics, phylogenetic ..., punctuated equilibrium, species, subtree..., super- orthologs,  systematics, ultra- paralogs

Proteins  amino acids, amino terminus, C-terminus, denaturation, methylation, N-terminus, peptide..., phosphorylation, post-translational modifications, primary structure, protein engineering, protein ..., subcellular localization
  Protein categories antifreeze proteins,  basic proteins, candidate proteins, cellular proteins, chemokines, complex proteins, cytokines, designer proteins, gatekeeper proteins, growth factors, housekeeping proteins, hypothetical proteins, luxury proteins, nuclear proteins, orphan proteins, polypeptides, protein kinases, putative proteins, secreted proteins, wild-type proteins, zinc finger proteins
       Protein structures 3D protein structures, aggregation, domain ..., fold ..., membrane protein ..., misfolding, motif, peptide ..., protein families, protein superfamilies, quaternary, secondary, tertiary

Proteomics  2D gel, annotation ..., bait, directed protein evolution, dissociator assays, functional ..., Human Plasma Proteome, interologs, ICAT, MUDpit, one- hybrid, phosphoproteome, post- proteomics, prey,  protein carbohydrate interactions, protein complexes, protein- DNA interactions, protein databases, protein dynamics, protein folding simulations, protein function, protein identification, protein informatics, protein- protein interactions, protein RNA interactions, proteome..., proteomic standards, proteomics ..., proteonomics, reverse two hybrid, Rosetta stone, shotgun scanning, subproteomes, twp-hybrid, whole proteome...,  yeast- two hybrid
   Proteomics categories activity based..., applied proteomics, biochemical proteome, bottom-up proteomics, cardioproteomics,  comparative proteomics,  computational proteomics, differential, drug,   functional, high-throughput, interaction, location,  microbial, microproteomics, mitochondrial proteome, neuroproteomics, phyloproteomics, physiological, predictive, protein pulldowns, quantitative, reverse, shotgun, targeted, tissue, topological
         Glycosciences  carbohydrate..., glycobiology, glycomics, glyconomics, glycotechnology, oligosaccharides, saccharides 

RNA aRNA, alternative RNA splicing, cRNA, catalytic RNA, codon,  mRNA messenger RNA, RNAi RNA interference, RNA..., ribozymes, scRNA, siRNA, snRNA, snoRNA, tRNA, trans-splicing, uracil

SNPs & other genetic variations alleles, genetic architecture, genetic recombination, genome scan, haploinsufficiency, idiomorphism, linkage, markers, multifactorial, multigenic, mutation, polymorphisms, population genetics, population genomics, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms SNPs, SNP Consortium,  scanning, scoring, Single Amino acid Polymorphisms SAPs, variants

Stem cells: cell differentiation, cell research, cell therapies, cellular reprogramming, cellular therapy, differentiation, embryonic stem cells, hematopoiesis, mesenchymal, multipotent, induced pluripotent stem cell, pluripotent,  progenitor cells, stem cells, stemness, totipotent, unipotent            

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