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Evolving Terminologies for Emerging Technologies 

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Last revised January 12, 2015.
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* assay validation:  Assays & Screening

Bayesian clinical trials: Clinical informatics

* Bayesian statistics: Clinical Informatics

* bioelectronics: Biomaterials & bioengineering

biological chemistry: Chemistry

biomarker guidelines: Biomarkers 

biomathematics: Clinical Informatics

biomolecular screening: Assays & screening

cell specific biomarkers: Biomarkers

cellular dielectric spectroscopy CDS: Technologies

chaperome: -Omes & -omics

* Chimeric Antigen Receptors CAR: Drug and disease targets  

* clinical bioinformatics: Clinical Informatics

* clinical informatics: Clinical Informatics

* clinical pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics  

Clinical Trial Design Task Force: Clinical Informatics

combination therapies:  Drug Discovery & Development

* comparative effectiveness research: Clinical Informatics

comparative systems biology: Bioinformatics

* compound quality: Chemistry

computational physiology: Drug discovery informatics

computational sensing: Labels Signaling & detection

connectome: -Omes & -omics

Copy Number Polymorphisms CNPs: SNPs and Genetic Variations

developability: Drug discovery & development 

diffusion tensor imaging: Cell & Tissue technologies

* digital PCR dPCR: PCR    

* diseasome: Molecular Medicine

disproportionate drug metabolite: Drug safety, Pharmacovigilance & toxicology

drug metabolism: Pharmacogenomics

* Dynamic Light Scattering DLS: Bioprocessing     

* electroceuticals: Biomaterials & bioengineering

eSNPs expression SNPs: SNPs and genetic variations

evidence based toxicology: Drug safety, Pharmacovigilance & toxicology

exploratory IND:  Regulatory Affairs

expressomics: -Omes & -omics

follow-on drug: Drug discovery & development 

fragment based drug discovery  Assays and screening

*genes human number of:  Gene definitions 

genetic susceptibility: Molecular diagnostics -- genetic & genomic testing

GIS Geographic Information Systems: Molecular Medicine

glycomimetics: Glycosciences

green chemistry: Chemistry

GWAS Genome Wide Association Sequencing: Genomic informatics

* health disparities: Molecular Medicine

human induced pluripotent stem cells hiPS: Stem cells

inflammasome: -Omes & -omics

integrative and organ systems pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics

* in vitro adventitious assays: Assays & screening   

in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays IVDMIAs: Molecular diagnostics

integrative biology: Drug discovery informatics 

kidney safety biomarkers: Biomarkers

label free detection: Labels Signaling & detection

lead hopping: Assays

* Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy Molecular Imaging

* lipidomics: 'Omes & 'omics 

* macrocycles: Chemistry

materials chemistry: Chemistry

*meaningful use Clinical Informatics

medical resequencing: Sequencing

mesoscopic biology: Expression genes & proteins

metabolite: Drug safety, Pharmacovigilance & toxicology

microdosing: Drug discovery & development

microtissues: Cell & Tissue technologies

mitochondriomics: -Omes & -omics

molecular biosensors: Labels Signaling & detection

molecular crowding: Biomolecules

molecular electronics: Nanoscience & miniaturization

molecular events: Cancer diagnostics, genomics, prognostics & therapeutics 

* molecular pathology: Molecular diagnostics    

molecular pharmacology Pharmacogenomics

mRNA biomarkers: Biomarkers

nanolabels: Labels Signaling & detection

nanomedicine: Molecular Medicine

nanotechnology in the clinical laboratory setting: Molecular diagnostics

natural competence: DNA

network pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics

next generation sequencing: Sequencing

niche busters: Drug discovery & development

-Omes & -omics: Lots of new terms including alleome, chromatinomics, chromosonics, cryobionomics, embryogenomics, epitomics, fragonomics, lectinomics, mitogenomics, Nobonomics, paleogenomics, RNome, RNomics, separomics, strainomics, transgenomics

oncolytic virotherapy: Cancer diagnostics, prognostics & therapeutics

* openFDA: Regulatory

* optical mapping: Sequencing

* optogenetics:  Genomics  

* patent cliff: Legal & intellectual property   

* patent trolls  Legal and intellectual property    

* pathology informatics: Clinical Informatics

patient engagement: Medical Informatic

patient navigation:  Cancer diagnostics, genomics, prognostics & therapeutics

pharmacokinetics: Pharmacogenomics

* Personal Health Record: Medical Informatics

pharmacological biomarkers: Biomarkers

pharmacologically active metabolite: Drug safety, Pharmacovigilance & toxicology

Phase II clinical trial design: Clinical informatics 

Phase zero, Phase O: Regulatory

physiologically based pharmacodynamics: Pharmacogenomics

pipeline problem:  Drug discovery

polymers, biomedical : Biomaterials

post-genomic chemistry: Chemistry

preclinical safety biomarkers: Biomarkers

predictive ADME: Drug safety & pharmacovigilance

predictive biomarkers: Biomarkers

predictive toxicology: Drug safety, toxicology & pharmacovigilance

process chemistry: Chemistry

Proteomic Standards Initiative:  Protein informatics

* psychiatome: -Omes & -omics

* public health informatics Clinical Informatics

quantitative pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics

* quantitative systems pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics  

* real world data: Clinical Informatics

* REMS Risk
Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy : Drug Safety

resourceome: -Omes & -Omics   

ridiculome: -Omes & -Omics

safety pharmacology: Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

scaffold hopping: Chemistry

selection biomarkers: Biomarkers

semantic systems biology: Bioinformatics

Sentinel Initiative: Drug safety, toxicology & pharmacovigilance

seromics:  See under autoantibodies: Cancer diagnostics & genomics

small molecule biomarkers: Biomarkers

soft drug design: Drug discovery informatics

solubility: Chemistry

* strategic investors: Financial & pharmacoeconomics

* structural variants: SNPs & genetic variants

supramolecular electronics: Nanoscience & miniaturization

* synthetic biology: Cell & Tissue technologies

* systems chemical biology: Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry  

systems pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics

target hopping: Drug targets

therapeutic antibodies: Biologics

top-down mass spectrometry: Mass spectrometry

* translational bioinformatics: Clinical Informatics

translational biomarkers: Biomarkers

translational pharmacodynamics: Pharmacogenomics

* truth: Research

* tumor microenvironment (TME):  Cancer      

type 0, type I, type II biomarkers: Biomarkers

* uncertainty: Research

* venture philanthropy: Financial & pharmacoeconomics

women's health: Molecular Medicine

women's health statistical modeling: Clinical informatics

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