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Business information resources: Genomics & Bioinformatics
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Business Bibliographies
Biotech Industry Guide, 
Baker Library, Harvard Business School, 2005 Annotated bibliography

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Information, MIT Science Library, Anita Perkins, 2003

Open Directory Project OPD Business: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Industry Guide,  Baker Library, Harvard Business School, 2005 

Definitions of & overviews on:  Genomics  Proteomics  Bioinformatics   Cheminformatics   Drug discovery & development   Molecular Medicine

Business overviews 
NIH Roadmap Public private partnerships

Nature BioEntrepreneur Portal and annual summer Nature Biotechnology supplement.

Biotech Business, Science

E-Marketplace, Science

Industry Canada, Life Sciences Gateway 

Industry Canada, Canadian Biopharmaceuticals Technology Roadmap 

Business Databases
OneSource US Business Browser  industry Profile: Biotechnology and Drugs

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys: Biotechnology [Vol. 11]; Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals [Vol. 28]

Are other standard business databases particularly relevant for biopharmaceuticals?  

Business Journals and newsletters See also Drug Discovery and Development Journals 

Animal Pharm, PJB, 1984?- Business and research information for the veterinary products, feed, pet food and related industries.  

BioCentury ,  BioCentury Publications, Inc. News, financial transactions database.


BioVenture View, PJB News, company and finance, start-up companies, licensing deals, mergers and acquisitions, conference calendar, movers and shakers.

BioWorld News, reports and directories.

Bizjournals Online editions of city business journals, Including Boston Business Journal, Philadelphia Business Journal, San Francisco Business Times, Puget Sound Business Journal [Seattle], Triangle Business Journal [Raleigh/Durham NC] 

Business Week: Science and Health
Business Week: Technology

Chemical & Engineering News: Business 

Economist: Biotechnology  
Economist: Pharmaceuticals 

Financial Times: Drugs and Healthcare
Financial Times: Technology

Forbes: Technology  Includes information technology

Forbes Sciences & Medicine

Genetic Engineering News, Mary Ann Liebert, 1981-  Covers the industrial biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, enzyme, and environmental markets from applied research through commercialization. News on biotechnology, bioregulation, bioprocess, bioresearch and technology transfer.  New Products, Wall $treet Biobeat, Clinical Trials Update, Collaborations and Agreements, University Gene Beat, People, Calendar and Biotechnology on the World Wide Web. 

Genetic Technology News, Frost & Sullivan Biotechnology, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Drug Discovery Technologies, Healthcare Information and Technologies, Medical devices and surgical patient care, Medical imaging, Patient care, Pharmaceuticals.  

GenomeWeb Daily News  

In Vivo: The Business & Medicine Report. Norwalk, CT: Windhover Information. Monthly. Company strategy, marketplace trends, key industry events, dealmaking, and management issues. Industries covered: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hospital supply, medical equipment & devices, and in vitro diagnostics.

Pharma MarketLetter, MarketLetter Publications, 1993-  Available through OneSource Business Browser and Factiva. Worldwide markets, legislation and health care environmental issues, Company news and start- ups, results, mergers and joint ventures. Drug launches and sales progress, licensing agreements. Biotechnology research and development. World stock markets commentary, Upcoming meetings and conferences, personnel movements. Also publishes Clinical trials tracker, Nutriceuticals International, Pharma Patent Bulletin. Was IMS MarketLetter 

R&D Focus Drug News, IMS Health,  Intelligence on over 8,500 drugs in active R&D.  Also publish New Product Focus, Patent Focus; Medical Information [diseases and therapies], Chemical information, Company and market studies, Forecasting and Sales analysis.

Scrip, PJB, 1972-  Pharmaceutical business newsletter., Recombinant Capital Online biotechnology industry analysis.

Startup, WIndhover New product companies, technology areas, funds and investment trends, university tech transfer licensing. Industries covered: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hospital supply, medical equipment & devices, and in vitro diagnostics. 

Wall Street Journal; Health Edition
Wall Street Journal: Pharmaceuticals and Biotech 

more biotech & pharmaceutical business journals

BioSpace Portal, Clinical Competitive Intelligence, careers, job postings, Enterprise solutions.

Moreover: Pharma Industry News, Moreover Technologies, Ind. Industries competitive intelligence from newswires, website, blogs, trade magazines, regional newspapers, press releases, government and company websites, discussion groups and message boards. 

Motley Fool, Biotechnology

See also Biotech Blogs  Bioinformatics bogs

Company Directories
Amex Biotechnology index 
, American Stock Exchange 


BioTechWatch  Database of publicly held biotechnology companies tracks products in clinical development, cash on hand, clinical trial status, milestones, corporate alliances, and current stock prices and fundamentals. 

CorpTech Public and private company information on high- tech manufacturing, development and services: technology companies that make, develop and provide services related to everything from lasers to computers, and from biotech products to advanced materials.

GEN Directory, Genetic Engineering News

Hoovers  Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals.

NASDAQ Biotechnology Index,

Recap, Recombinant Capital Companies, alliances, revenue, clinicals, valuations, employment, filings, Biotech Alliance Database.

Yahoo Finance Biotechnology & Drugs

Competitive intelligence

Market research Industry Analysis Industry news, market research, company profiles. 

CMR Centre for Medicines Research Ltd.    Benchmarking data from pharmaceutical companies in the areas of drug discovery, drug development, clinical evaluation, CMC, the regulatory review, project management and access to global markets. 

Intelliscope, Thomson   Two key data sets, including broker research reports Investext® database. Unedited reports from professional analysts at more than 650 investment banks, brokerage houses, and consulting firms worldwide . Contributors include Merrill Lynch Global Securities, Salomon Smith Barney, Credit Suisse First Boston, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Robertson Stephens, Paine Webber, and others. Morning meeting notes Thomson's First Call NotesTM database. Also features intraday research broadcasts as well as analyst commentary on corporate announcements and industry events. More than 700 brokers from some 200 firms contribute, including Credit Suisse First Boston, Merrill Lynch Global Securities, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Salomon Smith Barney, UBS Warburg, and more. 

Knowledge Express Databases covering licensing opportunities, company profiles, royalty rates and contract details, domestic and international patents and applications, drug development pipeline, clinical trial results, industry news and market intelligence Life Sciences Aggregator for Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals reports.

MindBranch: Biotechnology  Pharmaceutical 

Profound: Pharmaceuticals  Databases with articles, market research reports, news and studies. 

Thomson Research , Thomson Financial Investment Banking. Was Investext, Research Bank Web.  Analyst research reports

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry reports
Ernst & Young Biotechnology annual reports

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, MoneyTree Survey Quarterly study of US venture capital investment, tracks biotechnology and healthcare.

Biotech and pharmaceutical Statistics
BIO Industry Statistics

Biotech and pharmaceutical Jobs
Useful for job seekers, also for competitive intelligence Career Center;jsessionid=VVVB2GFERWK0ZR3FQLMCFEWHU0...


Naturejobs Careers

Science’s Next Wave: Scientific training, career development, and the science job market

Biotechnology Industry Organizations  
BIA Bioindustry Association, UK
BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization 
BioTec Canada,
EuropaBio  European Association for BioIndustries
European Federation of Biotechnology
JBA Japan BioIndustry Association 

European Union
EFPIA European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations,
Emerging Pharmaceutical Enterprises
European Vaccine Manufacturers

See also Drug Discovery and Development Organizations

Legal issues and intellectual property 
Patents can be an important source of scientific and technology information, and competitive intelligence.

Intellectual Property Databases
DNA Patents database, Georgetown

More IP databases and organizations

Intellectual Property Terminology
gene patents, EST patents, etc.
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